HT-TES: High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 16:20 to 16:40
Hub sessions - Energy Storage - The Future of the Energy Sector

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Storage of electricity as high temperature heat in rocks has potential to be a feasible and scalable solution for integration of wind and solar. Furthermore it could utilize existing thermal power plants otherwise threatened to shut down. Energinet is currently researching this potential in cooperation with Danish utility company Seas-NVE, DTU and other partners including the construction of a pilot plant. The presentation will focus on the potential socio-economic and private economic value of the storage technology as well as integration in the energy system.

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Loui Algren
Civil Engineer


  1. HT-TES might have a good business case in several European sites
  1. HT-TES can contribute to integration of variable renewables; it is scalable and can supply storage for days to weeks.
  1. HT-TES can utilize thermal power plant which might otherwise be risking to be shut down. HT-TES can utilize the existing infrastructure and supply the ancillary services and district heating that the power plants are currently supplying.
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