Grid Interconnection Solutions for Optimized Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) Feed-In

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 16:00 to 16:20
Hub sessions - Energy Revolution Europe - To Centralize or Decentralize, that is the Question

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Theatre ERE


Feed-in of renewables to the existing grid is an international challenge. Some of the issues are integration of variable generation, design of storage requirements, planning existing energy generation source, and capacity. Following the optimised grid codes pertaining to the grid topology and the country of installation is also a topic of discussion. This presentation talks about the rise and integration of renewables in Germany and the lessons learned in doing so and how the same methodologies can be adopted by other countries with a brief outlook on the importance of grid codes.

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  1. Major challenges faced by countries in increasing renewable energy market
  2. Overcome outages, pre-plan contingency, and real time measurement of demand, capacity and energy storage possibility
  3. Importance of grid codes and its influence on the performance of the grid parameters
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