Generating highly accurate solar installed capacity & location data using satellite imagery

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 12:00 to 12:20
Hub sessions - Energy Revolution Europe - Showcasing the future of digital renewables

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Accurate data on the installed capacity and location of distributed energy is essential for utility companies to operate and innovate in the changing energy landscape. But data that meets ideal requirements for accuracy and granularity is often difficult to accumulate or inaccessible due to the drawbacks in incumbent data collection methods. Sobolt found the answer to the drawbacks in current data collection methods through the technological revolutions in satellite imagery and artificial intelligence. Using high-resolution satellite imagery and a unique imagery analysis framework that combines spectral imaging, machine learning algorithms and statistical methods, Sobolt developed a scalable solution to provide accurate data on the location and capacity of existing solar PV installations.

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Lennart Huijbers
International Business Development


  • Use cases for highly accurate solar PV location data
  • The benefits of satellite imagery over other data collection methods
  • Sobolt’s unique Godai framework for imagery analysis
  • Results of projects for distribution system operator Stedin and infrastructure giant Royal BAM
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