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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 15:00 to 15:45
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We need to create game changing impacts. The InnoEnergy GCIC are sector and business challenges that have been provided to students. The students will work in teams on the challenges and in this presentation they will present their solution to the business partner. The winning team will be in the Closing Keynote at the Energy Revolution Stage



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Etienne Gehain
Business Development - Energy Communities
Pierre Moench
Engineer - Mobility Expert
Wijnand Diemer
Senior Product & Project Manager



No business or sector can live off their past glories, we need to continue coming up with new ideas and new strategies to give us an edge in our respective fields; this is where the involvement of young, dynamic and creative people is vital.

Electric vehicles are primarily designed for mobility services, with more or less easy and fast charging at public stations, at home or at work.

They can also provide additional services to electrical grids when they are connected, in a “vehicle to grid” mode, to a virtual power plant or an energy community. The corresponding additional value is however difficult to predict and secure because of potential conflicts with the primary mobility function, and the complexity of implementation by the end-user.

Challenge the students have received and will be presenting on
Design the Human Machine Interface app that would simplify the implementation of a “vehicle to grid” service for the end-user.

This entails:

-        Listing the data that would be of interest to the end-user about its car battery, the potential revenues from the service, the opportunities according to its location, etc.

-        Imagining the functionalities of an onboard app.

-        Describing the interface of this app that would make it both appealing and simple to use.

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