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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 12:45 to 13:30
Initiate! Pit - Game Changing Impact Challenges - Game Changing Impact Challenges

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We need to create game changing impacts. The InnoEnergy GCIC are sector and business challenges that have been provided to students. The students will work in teams on the challenges and in this presentation they will present their solution to the business partner. The winning team will be in the Closing Keynote at the Energy Revolution Stage

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Bjorn Bekkevold
Founder & CEO



No business or sector can live off their past glories, we need to continue coming up with new ideas and new strategies to give us an edge in our respective fields; this is where the involvement of young, dynamic and creative people is vital.

Closing the Gap between Wholesale and Retail!
XTN’s disruptive strategy is to give consumers the choice to buy low carbon and/or renewable energy in the best possible market prices. To accomplish that, XTN Group devised a strategy and technology aiming to disrupt the existing Utility-to-Consumer Business Model and replace it with a Consumer-to-Producer Business Model.

Utilities and Petroleum companies are invited to become co-owners in XTN Group getting priority in selling their energy forms into the XTN trading system platform at a price that can fluctuate between: a) the price the consumer is willing to pay and b) the actual market price. If agreement is not reached between XTN and Producer then XTN procures the respective energy form in the open market.

Challenge the students have received and will be presenting on
Design the XTN strategic approach that would facilitate real time trading between prosumers / consumers and utilities in Germany.

This entails:

  • Design an easy to use and appealing app
  • List the data that would be interested to the end user, e.g.: actual prices and forecasting
  • Include alerts for low or high prices
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