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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 12:00 to 12:45
Initiate! Pit - Game Changing Impact Challenges - Game Changing Impact Challenges

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We need to create game changing impacts. The InnoEnergy GCIC are sector and business challenges that have been provided to students. The students will work in teams on the challenges and in this presentation they will present their solution to the business partner. The winning team will be in the Closing Keynote at the Energy Revolution Stage

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Richard Bostam
Innovation Manager
Stephan Ramesohl
VP Innovation Strategy & Portfolio Management



Urban mobility challenge

Cities are facing a growing urban population, increasing traffic congestion and pollution, and a vocal community demanding comfortable, and instantly available clean mobility options.
The early adopters are smart, young urban professional and university students who hate not being in control and demand mobility options based on their needs.


How might we design sustainable and affordable mobility solutions for universities in a digital age?

This entails:

  • A problem worth solving
  • A solution our target customers are willing to use (and pay for)
  • A unique value proposition which makes us stand out from any competition
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