On the path to Energy Neutral for Rotterdam

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 09:30 to 09:50
Summit sessions - Sustainable & Smart City - Citizens - Engaging & Engaged

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Arnoud Rijneveld
Innovator, department Strategy & Innovation


  • Rotterdam: Increasing energy demand and stress related to the increasing penetration of renewables
  • Stimulating investment in more sustainable electricity generation, and innovation related to electricity storage
  • Collaboration is key: five partners come together to support the city’s aim of being energy neutral by 2050 

The City of Rotterdam, Stedin, Siemens Netherlands, Lyv Smart Living and OMNETRIC Group are partnering to support the city’s aim of being energy neutral by 2050.

Over the last 18 months the partners have worked to align their requirements and objectives. They have collaborated to define a robust technical solution, that is designed to enable the city to better manage energy demand and generation locally. They have also conceived a compelling business opportunity to generate sustainable business value for the city and the partners involved. 

In this presentation, the smart city partners will share how they have got to where they are today, and how they intend to rollout a smart grid on a scale unprecedented for Europe, with 20,000 residential and business properties to be connected to the smart grid in the next three years.

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