Lessons from Pay TV: Survival in a Pool of Sharks

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 16:00 to 16:20
Hub sessions - Grid Intelligence - Cyber Policy

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Theatre Grid Intelligence


Many challenges in the Smart Grid world are challenges that companies in the Digital Television world have faced in the past 30 years. Security companies in the DTV landscape have learned on the job to fight against organized crime. They have learned how to maintain complex systems with different network topologies and many different types of devices, and how to securely manage those devices. Our Smart Grid does not have 30 years of time to learn on the job. We need to learn from mistakes and experiences made. In this presentation, we give an overview of the main challenges and how these can be addressed this though key management design and device lifecycle security, and we link them to current issues in Smart Grid security.

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Brecht Wyseur
Security Architect


  • We will explain why we need to protect our Smart Grid assets, and the challenges we face
  • A comparison between challenges in Smart Grid security versus challenges in Digital TV security will be presented, and how we can learn from the 30 years of DTV security to avoid the same mistakes.
  • We will explain some important aspects in key management and device lifecycle security.
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