Building Energy Communities, the Real Promise of Distributed Energy

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 10:20 to 10:40
Hub sessions - Energy Storage - Energy Storage Applications and New Technologies

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Theatre Storage


The presentation will offer deeper understanding of decentralization, its deep connection to digital, the value it is creating, and how it will be enabled or blocked by a number of business, technological and regulatory evolution in years to come. In this presentation, we will try to shed light on some of the above by answering one simple question: is there actual value in optimizing locally, ie in energy communities, from the point of view of the global power system and from that of the end-user ? We will present results obtained from modelling the future (2030) power system,  which provide us with a clear positive answer – given some enabling conditions. We will then discuss the path to that future grid vision, and discuss some ideas on how to start enabling the true value of decentralization in 2017.

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Vincent Schachter
Senior Advisor & Entrepreneur in Residence


1. Decentralization makes economic sense: our models show that significant value for the power system can be created by managing and optimizing energy flows not only centrally but also locally, by groups of prosumers equipped with DERs that we call communities​.

2. Members in an Energy Community share energy production, storage and consumptions assets, optimizing the corresponding energy flows for their local needs, but also providing services to the grid and trading flexibility with the global power system.

3. Energy Communities represent a natural pathway to the deployment of distributed energy resources: members pay lower energy bills, improve their environmental footprint, consume locally produced energy, and access smart home and local collaborative services.

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