Behavioral Change Driven by Smart Meters

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 11:00 to 11:20
Hub sessions - Smart Metering - The Impact of Smart Meters in Europe

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Theatre Smart Metering


The presenter will discuss which way of presenting feedback is the most effective for behavioural change in households: visualisation, gamification, norm setting & goal setting. They will also learn what the different effects are from feedback systems like in-home displays, smart thermostats, apps, websites and  reports.

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Marijke Menkveld
Senior Scientific Researcher


This presentation handles an assessment of success from a behavioural perspective. This is the first Dutch empirical Meta-study on the subject.

The main elements which will be discussed are:

1. How many energy savings can be reached by feedback systems?

2. Which feedback system is most effective? (In home displays, smart thermostats, websites, apps, reports)

3. What kind of functionality of feedback is most effective? (Visualisation, gamification, norm setting & goal setting)

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