Size Does Matter: Micro Dwellings and the Quantified Home

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 15:10 to 15:30
Hub sessions - Intelligent Buildings Europe - Building an Ecosystem for the Future

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Theatre IBE

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Louise Harpman
Architect and Associate Professor


Living in micro-unit dwellings is trending across many established housing markets for new and retrofitted buildings. These dwellings offer compact private spaces for their occupants, along with shared social spaces and in-building community amenities. Micro dwellings appeal to young professionals, independent seniors, as well as the short-term stay market including hotels, university residence halls, and individuals who participate in the rent-my-flat format. Micro dwellings offer the ideal laboratory to meter, monitor, and manage utility inputs and waste production. Louise Harpman leads New York University's  zeromicro™ Applied Research Consortium to develop Net Zero Energy micro dwellings with integrated zeromicro™ building management technology

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