Beyond Bankrupt Bankables

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 10:40 to 11:00
Hub sessions - Energy Revolution Europe - March of the Renewables

Stream location

Theatre ERE


This presentation focuses on the current state of the solar PV industry and how the current value chain exposes the rooftop solar PV segment to unacceptable financial risks. As it becomes more and more clear that terms like “tier 1” and “bankability” are not providing the level of reliability and certainty investors expect and that a brand is only bankable until it is bankrupt where do you go next? The answer is a back to basics approach with a clear focus on accountability and energy production. My presentation will detail how the PV industry and value chain need to change in order to meet the demand of the residential and commercial rooftop segment and offer the financial security they deserve.

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  •  providing a snapshot of the current industry solar PV lifecycle and its component focus
  • providing overview of warranties available and the risks it exposes rooftop solar PV investors to
  • knowing that more and more investors are looking to properly manage their risks in rooftop PV assets, how must the industry and value chains change in order to provide their future demand.
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