Business Driven Grid Analytics Capability Deployment

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 12:40 to 13:00
Hub sessions - Big Data & Analytics - Data to Reinvent Asset Management

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Theatre Big Data & Analytics


Utility analytics has exploded in the last few years primarily driven by the hype around big data, data science and advanced analytics technologies, and is now seen as a strategic lever to improve assets, operations and customer satisfaction. Despite this drive many utilities are still struggling to implement analytics, either not knowing where to start, not knowing how to scale from pilot developments or attempting technology/vendor driven approaches. This presentation makes the argument for a business led and driven analytics capability deployment approach, enabled by advanced technologies and data science, based on experience from successful projects in the US and Sweden.

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Glen Mannering
Energy & Utilities Expert


  • Business led & driven analytics success factors and case studies (asset related)
  • Analytics capability deployment across the utility from the front-line to the CEO
  • Practical, collaborative and agile methods and tools
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