AI and Machine Learning are driving change in the Utility industry

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 10:40 to 11:00
Hub sessions - Big Data & Analytics - Data to Reinvent Asset Management

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Theatre Big Data & Analytics


The use of intelligent edge devices to acquire asset sensory data, along with machine learning algorithms to predict when an asset will fail, is becoming more attractive to maintenance managers as they seek new methods to get maintenance costs under control. The use of this technology can augment or even supplement human subject matter experts while providing significant advanced notice of asset health issues by analyzing and learning from past asset health data. In this presentation, we will discuss practical ways in which utilities can get started today and see how others are implementing this technology. - Speaker to be announced

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Paulo Pereira
Global VP, Utilities and Industrial IoT


  • Quick review of the current states of Digital Transformation and its impact in the Industrial
  • Introduce the latest concepts behind Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applied to IIoT
  • Explore real world of Use Cases leveraging AI in the Utility industry
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