Much more than a firewall: Security as an integral part of any system

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 16:00 to 16:20
Hub sessions - Grid Intelligence - Next Gen Cyber Security

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Theatre Grid Intelligence


Northern Power Grid (NPG) finds itself responsible for managing and protecting vast quantities of sensitive data, working with the DCC, a UK company established with the mandate to provide communication services between smart meters and the business systems of energy suppliers, network operators and other authorized service users. In addition to deploying a security-based solution acting as a gateway to the DCC, NPG has been assessing the security implications of their smart metering activity and considering the organizational, process and technology changes required in order to manage risk and be prepared for breaches. NPG will talk about the benefits of a security audit : oftentimes uncomfortable and hard-work, but an outward-in view on how to best defend data with a view to protecting customers and assuring supply.

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Jeremy Meara
Smart Metering Compliance Manager
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