Making the 100% RE Solutions Happen

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 10:20 to 10:40
Hub sessions - Energy Revolution Europe - March of the Renewables

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Theatre ERE


Disruptive new technologies and innovative business models are changing the way in which we produce and consume energy.

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Georgina Grenon
Director - 100% Renewable Energy Solutions


Renewables are now widely available at competitive prices, affordable storage solutions –both batteries and H2- allow for dispatchability of these variable resources, electric mobility allows for displacement of traditional fossil fuels and new interconnected software and hardware make demand response management a reality even at an individual home level. A world fueled 24/7 from renewable sources is now at reach, without the need for state aids or subsidies. At ENGIE Fab, the 100%RE solutions team integrates these cutting-edge technologies and accessible renewables through innovative business models, custom-made to meet the needs of territories and companies who share this sustainable long-term vision.

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